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From basic to multi axis turning, the Hi-TECH 350 is capable of performing a variety of the most complex production processes. The standard Y-axis allows for complex process operations, while the high power headstock provides high-speed and high-torque machining capability.

Available standard equipment included with machine.

Standard Equipments
Foot Switch for Chuck
8" Hydraulic Chuck & Cylinder
Function of Y-axis (±60mm)
Turnmill Function including C-axis ( 0.001˚)
Hydraulic Unit
High Pressure Pump, 6bar (87PSI)
Coolant System
Door Interlock
Foot Switch for Tail Stock
Leveling Bolts & Plates
Tool Kit & Box
Turret with 12 Station
Parts Catcher
Tooling System (see sales manual)
Tool Presetter, Manual
Work light
Signal Lamp 2-Colors R/G
Tail Stock with Quill & Body MT#5
Full Set of Machine & Control Manuals
Rigid Tapping
Standard Turett Tooling for Hi-Tech 350A SMC: Three (3) ID Holders, One (1) Face Holder, Two (2) OD Holders for the main spindle, Two (2) OD Holders for the sub-spindle
Bar Feeder Interface
Chuck Clamp/Unclamp Switch
L-HTLD (Lathe - Hwacheon Tool Load Detect)
Axial Turn Mill Holder
Radial Turn Mill Holder
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Please enter quantity for optional equipments you would like.

Optional Equipments Quantity
Air Blower
Air Gun
Automatic Door
Axial Tool Holder
Base for Steady Rest
Coolant Blow
Coolant Gun
Face Holder
Free M-codes (8 each)
High Pressure Pump 15bar
High Pressure Pump 30bar
High Pressure Pump 70bar
ID Holder
Mist Collector
NC cooler
OD Holder, A/B SMC Machine
OD Holder, Sub-Spindle
Oil Skimmer
Radial Tool Holder
Set of Hard Jaws - 8" Chuck
Set of Soft Jaws - 8" Chuck
Signal Lamp 3 Colors R/Y/G
Tool life management
Tool Load Monitoring
U-Drill Holder
Jorgenson Chip Conveyor (Long)
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Enter a quantity for the current configuration.

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Quantity for configuration: 1
Optional Equipments Quantity
Air Blower 0
Air Gun 0
Automatic Door 0
Axial Tool Holder 0
Base for Steady Rest 0
Coolant Blow 0
Coolant Gun 0
Face Holder 0
Free M-codes (8 each) 0
High Pressure Pump 15bar 0
High Pressure Pump 30bar 0
High Pressure Pump 70bar 0
ID Holder 0
Mist Collector 0
NC cooler 0
OD Holder, A/B SMC Machine 0
OD Holder, Sub-Spindle 0
Oil Skimmer 0
Radial Tool Holder 0
Set of Hard Jaws - 8" Chuck 0
Set of Soft Jaws - 8" Chuck 0
Signal Lamp 3 Colors R/Y/G 0
Tool life management 0
Tool Load Monitoring 0
U-Drill Holder 0
Jorgenson Chip Conveyor (Long) 0