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From basic to multi axis turning, the Hi-TECH 350 is capable of performing a variety of the most complex production processes. The standard Y-axis allows for complex process operations, while the high power headstock provides high-speed and high-torque machining capability.

Available standard equipment included with machine.

Standard Equipments
10" Hydraulic Chuck & Cylinder
Function of Y-axis (±60mm)
Turnmill Function including C-axis ( 0.001˚)
Hydraulic Unit
High Pressure Pump, 6bar (87PSI)
Coolant System
Door Interlock
Foot Switch for Chuck
Foot Switch for Tail Stock
Leveling Bolts & Plates
Tool Kit & Box
Turret with 12 Station
Parts Catcher
Tooling System (see sales manual)
Tool Presetter, Manual
Work light
Signal Lamp 2-Colors R/G
Tail Stock with Quill & Body MT#5
Full Set of Machine & Control Manuals
Rigid Tapping
Standard Turett Tooling for Hi-Tech 350BL YSMC: Three (3) ID Holders, One (1) Face Holder, Two (2) OD Holders for the main spindle, Two (2) OD Holders for the sub-spindle
Bar Feeder Interface
Chuck Clamp/Unclamp Switch
L-HTLD (Lathe - Hwacheon Tool Load Detect)
Axial Turn Mill Holder
Radial Turn Mill Holder
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Please enter quantity for optional equipments you would like.

Optional Equipments Quantity
Air Blow for non-MC models
Air Gun
Auto Door
Axial Tool Holder
Bar Feed Interface
Base for Steady Rest
Coolant Blow
Coolant Gun
Face Holder
Free M-codes (8 each)
High Pressure Pump 15bar
High Pressure Pump 30bar
High Pressure Pump 70bar
ID Holder
Mist Collector
NC cooler
OD Holder
OD Holder, A/B SMC Machine
OD Holder, Sub-Spindle
Oil Skimmer
Parts Catcher
Radial Tool Holder
Set of Hard Jaws 10"
Set of Soft Jaws - 10" Chuck
Signal Lamp 3 Colors R/Y/G
Tool life management
Tool Load Monitoring
U-Drill Holder
Jorgenson Chip Conveyor (Long)
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Enter a quantity for the current configuration.

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Quantity for configuration: 1
Optional Equipments Quantity
Air Blow for non-MC models 0
Air Gun 0
Auto Door 0
Axial Tool Holder 0
Bar Feed Interface 0
Base for Steady Rest 0
Coolant Blow 0
Coolant Gun 0
Face Holder 0
Free M-codes (8 each) 0
High Pressure Pump 15bar 0
High Pressure Pump 30bar 0
High Pressure Pump 70bar 0
ID Holder 0
Mist Collector 0
NC cooler 0
OD Holder 0
OD Holder, A/B SMC Machine 0
OD Holder, Sub-Spindle 0
Oil Skimmer 0
Parts Catcher 0
Radial Tool Holder 0
Set of Hard Jaws 10" 0
Set of Soft Jaws - 10" Chuck 0
Signal Lamp 3 Colors R/Y/G 0
Tool life management 0
Tool Load Monitoring 0
U-Drill Holder 0
Jorgenson Chip Conveyor (Long) 0